19+ 10 Muharram 2021 Gif

19+ 10 Muharram 2021 Gif. For the muslim community around the world, it is considered to be the second holiest month after ramzan. Shia muslims observe it as a day of mourning to commemorate the death of the grandson of prophet muhammad, hussayn ibn ali.

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Muharram is the first month of the islamic calendar and considered as the sacred month of muharram festival is celebrated by both sunni and shia muslims all over the world. 9th and 10th muharram will be observed in pakistan on wednesday, 18 august 2021 and thursday, 19 august. Starting monday 9th to thursday 19th august 2021.

Imam hussain, who was the son of hazrat ali and the grandson of the prophet, was martyred in the battle of karbala on the 10th day of muharram, in 680 ad.

It is a festival of one whole month and especially on the 10th day of. Muharram refers to the islamic new year celebration or the first 10 days of the first month in the muslim calendar. Both sunnis and shias observe the while there are other marked days during muharram, the most important day of muharram that muslims in india and elsewhere observe is the 10th day. However, the shias mourn on this day while sunnis.

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